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What We Do

Cottage Magick is a New Orleans based collective founded by Asia Strong. She's gathered a network of brilliant craftspeople, artists, artisans, healers, mediums, and psychics to bring you the best real magick New Orleans has to offer. Together, their talents are vast and include tarot readers, physical and mental mediums, Reiki healers, past life specialists, and those who are inspired to create products that are holistic, earth-friendly, witchy, or inspired.  

Cottage Magick hosts many events and markets in which you can learn about your own potential, connect with loved ones who have passed, receive messages from the beyond, and shop for metaphysical resources or inspiring goods. 

We also make and sell our own line of products, each designed with a divine purpose to improve your life beyond the surface function of the item. In other words, we infuse our items with magick, and your intention puts them to work.

Asia writes articles in which she discusses her ongoing journey in the unraveling, never-ending story of connecting to Spirit, and how she implements magick into her everyday activities. 

What is Cottage Magick?

The term Cottage Magick refers to a type of magickal practice that incorporates many different kinds of magick to suit the needs of the individual.  It isn't based on a religion, but more of a combination of new age practices, and old world teachings. Basically, examine all possibilities, and see for yourself what works. It is also incorporating magick into every day activities like cooking, cleaning, or going for a walk! Cottage Magick is Magick for everyone! 

Why Magick and not Magic? Magick is how we differentiate bewteen fictional magic of cartoons and fairy tales, to real, practical, actual magick. 

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