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Practitioners and Teachers


Asia Strong

Tarot, Astral Travel, Medium,  Artist, Human Design, Owner/Founder

Asia Strong is an Intuitive Psychic, Tarot Card reader and student medium driven by a great sense of purpose to be a messenger between the spirit realm and our own. 

Asia works closely with her spirit guides and yours to deliver clear, concise messages, and can provide answers to specific questions. 

 Asia has trained under her mentor, medium Sid Patrick, and studied mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England. She’s also trained in the art of Astral Projection at the Monroe Institute and is a certified Reiki Master. 

  She believes that hope for the future of humanity lies in strengthening the relationship between the spirit world and our own, and that our guides are always working with us so that we can all continue creating the best version of ourselves so that we can follow our life’s purpose of enjoying and BEING the human experience.  


Barbie Barnes

Shamanic Healing, Table Tipping, Soul Retrieval,  and Angel Card Readings

 Mediumship, Shamanism and the pursuit of Spiritual knowledge has been a lifelong passion for me. My training in Mediumship began with with Doreen Virtue's Mediumship Mentoring Program.  I have worked with and trained under some very gifted and talented people and organizations through the years including Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue, Christine Morgan, Scott Milligan, Suzanne Giesemann, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Betsy Bergstrom, Dana and Shana Robinson, and in 2010 I completed John Perkins and Llyn Roberts Shapeshifter Apprenticeship program and was initiated into the traditions of the Quecha.  I offer Angel Card  readings Table Tipping, Soul Retrieval and Shamanic healing

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Grace Jaeger

Psychic, Medium, Healer, Pet Communicator, Starseed, Time Straddler

Grace Jaeger is a psychic, medium, animal communicator and healer. She can give you insights about the present and glimpses into the future with her psychic readings. She can
make connections with the past through a mediumship reunion of your loved ones.  She can
even help you explore your alternate lives with a Pleiadian Oracle Card reading. Plus you can
learn from your pets about how they're feeling, both physically and emotionally.  She will
connect telepathically to your furry family, improving their lives while strengthening the
relationship between you and your pets.
Her services start at $75 for 30 minutes; $120 per 60 minutes. $2 minute for extra time.

She is offering discounted rates for the market at $40 per 30min. 

Grace is an Ordained Minister, a Pleiadian Starseed, a Shamana and a Mystic. She currently
lives in Biloxi, Mississippi - after moves from Missouri and Minnesota, in search of sunshine and
the beach. 


Michelle the Earthling

Oracle, Counselor, Healer

Michelle is an Oracle, spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, matchmaker and teacher. In 30 minutes with her you will float away feeling freedom, confidence and clarity. Are you ready to remember yourSELF and walk your true path of destiny? Sit with Michelle, you'll get everything you need. You are so loved!


Stephen William

Reiki Healing

and Founder of  Guiding Destiny

 Before founding Guiding Destiny, Stephen William had long been pursuing metaphysics and a broad-based approach to spirituality. This personal pursuit lasted more than 25yrs when a Spiritual Awakening overtook him, coalescing lifetimes of experience into a unique meta-model of consciousness that he now uses to help others. Combining Reiki, guided meditation, and coaching modalities, Stephen William uses this “map” to guide you into connection with your own Soul’s Journey. Are you ready for healing and transformation at the deepest levels of Self?

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Michelle Sapiano

The Viking Witch

Tarot, Völva

Michelle uses Tarot and Völva (Norse shamanism) insight to provide guidance on your life journey. Her intuitive readings provide guidance as well as deeper understanding of ones life path. Michelle has 30 years experience as a Tarot reader and Witch who has long aided people in transforming their lives. 

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Psychic Reading

Human Design

Birth Chart Analysis

20192808-New Orleans Irish Bayou- Asia S
Life Coaching


Holding Hands

Connect with Loved ones who have crossed over

Table Seance 

Connect with Loved ones who have crossed over via seance

Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing

Pet Psychic

Communicate with your pet 

Ask about our 

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