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April 2021 Market 


Saturday April 24th 12pm-7pm

Sunday April 25th 12pm-7pm

Vendor Info 

  • Four foot INDOOR Vendor spaces are available for $40 for all 4 days 

  • Six Foot INDOOR Vendor Spaces are Available for $60 for all 4 days 

  • Ten foot OUTDOOR TENT SPACES are available for $20 a day. (Must have Tent)

  • Indoor spaces are limited to 20 spaces and do not need to be manned, please bring your entire setup including tables. 

  • Outdoor spaces will be limited to 6 and you must bring your entire set-up and man your booth for the entirety of your rental period. 

  • Indoor vendors will be required to accept Venmo or Cashapp payments for ease of transactions (this will allow a staff member to man your booth for the weekend.)

  • INDOOR Vendors DO NOT have to stay with their items for the entirety of the market

  • To insure social distancing we ask that indoor vendors who wish to be present for the entirety of the market bring a chair so they can stay outside when not needed. 

  • We will have food vendors available for all hours of the market. 

  • If you want to signup, have a look at the indoor map and email Asia at your preferred space, she will provide you further instructions. Spaces of various sizes are available - please specify your needs in the email. 

All Vendor Booths sold out

Practitioner Info 

  • Practitioner time slots are available for half days for a 20% service fee. (Whatever the price of your service is we keep 20% and you keep the rest.  

  • Interested Practitioners Email Asia at, describe your service and the preferred days and times and she will respond with availability. 

  • Appointments will be taken online through Schedulicity in advance and we will also accept walk-ins. 

  • All practitioners will need to provide a short bio, profile picture and description and price of service to be made available on the website. 

  • Practitioner services will be provided upstairs on the 2nd floor. Please make it clear to clients that there is no elevator and the 2nd floor is unfortunately not handi-accessible.

  • We will not provide services to anyone who is or appears to be intoxicated.

If you have further questions feel free to contact Asia at 

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