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Gift Box Subscriptions

Starting October 1st you'll be able to sign up for our gift box subscription through Patreon. A gift box subscription is a great self-love practice. What better way than to reward yourself with monthly surprises! 


They're sure to make you smile and bring you some inspiration. You can also smile because you're supporting artists and artisans who are working to realign the world with the vibration of love through creation with a focus on earth-friendly/holistic goods! 

Gift boxes are a great way to guarantee you've always got something amazing to give, whether it be a host/ess gift, a house warming, a celebration of union, birthday, mother/fathers day, holiday gifts and more! You'll always have something thoughtfully crafted, wonderful and hand-made with love to bring to your special event... assuming you can part with it!  

Available Subscriptions

Friendly Spirit

Tier 1 -$5/mo

Support our endeavor to create goods that aim to be earth-friendly, refurbished, holistic, purposeful and inspired. You're doing a good thing! 

Trusted Familiar

Tier 2 - $20/mo

You're our trusted familiar! Which means we pamper you monthly with a gift package guaranteed to include our pin of the month and one small magical item with our monthly spell tips. The small item could be a candle, incense, talisman or a wonderful surprise! 

Heart with Wings
Loyal Cohort

Tier 3 - $50/mo

You are indeed a loyal cohort! In addition to our monthly gift bundle with a pin, and small magical item, we will also hand pick a bigger item from our shop guaranteed to be hand made by one of our local artists or artisans. This can be anything from body or bath products, to original art, home goods, hand wrapped cleansing bundles and more. We also guarantee you won't get the same items twice! (Unless you request them!)

Beloved Diety

Tier 4 - $100/mo

We will shower you with gratitude, and also really cool stuff! You're guaranteed to get your money's worth of awesome inspired swag from our shop. Our items make spectacular gifts, so we might even save you the trouble of pesky holiday, housewarming, or birthday shopping AND you're supporting creators who care about the environment, holistic goods, and striving to make the world a love filled place. When possible we'll throw in some seasonal flare and include goods to help you celebrate the holidays including Samhain (Halloween), Yule, Summer Solstice and more! 

The White Light

Tier 5 - $500/mo

Who even are you, you magickal spectacular being, you!? You are wonderful source energy! 

This is a special Tier designed for those with their own retail shop, or special event who wish to stock an assortment of hand-made/ locally sourced, unique art, earth-friendly, and holistic goods.

This tier is designed to bring our curated collection straight to your door, where ever you are! You don't have to visit New Orleans to experience it's magick - you can have a magical piece of New Orleans shipped straight to your own shop! 

This tier will contain an assortment of bulk items your customers can look forward to, as the fresh inventory will be exciting, and unique. Sometimes seasonal, always hand-picked. You will get at least $500 of re-sellable merchandise at our lowest possible price. Support artists, support yourself, keep the dream flowing!