Information on Memberships 



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Package Basics 

All vendor packages include the following amenities: ​

  • Brick and Mortar Location with air conditioning protected from the elements 

  • A customizable retail space inside a corner location with moderate foot traffic

  • Your items for sale 7 days a week (excluding pre-established holidays) during all business hours 

  • Access to 24-hour video surveillance

  • Full-time staff to ring up items, log your inventory, keep the shop beautiful and care for customers

  • Maintenance of our Inventory Control system 

  • Exposure from ads and publicity generated by our company and the traffic directed to us monthly by fellow vendors 

  • Select items listed for sale on our website available for offsite shipping (which we take care of.)

  • A link to your website from ours

  • Ability to use our 3rd floor loft space once monthly to host a free class or talk regarding your product or service.

  • Access to rental of our 3rd floor loft space for approved events, classes, workshops or personal gatherings 

  • Monthly Utilities including water, trash service, internet, air conditioning and electricity

  • Monthly payment for your sold items including a detailed invoice of all items, taxes, and packaging fees  

  • We work with you to design an appealing display that fits our overall aesthetic

  •  The option to renew your lease when your contract is up providing you are on good terms 

Vendor Requirements 

To insure membership vendors must agree to the following terms:

  • Keep displays reasonably stocked 

  • Pay monthly dues on time 

  • Advertise the space at least twice monthly and provide proof of advertisement. This can be a free mention on social media or an otherwise paid advertisement

  • All incoming inventory must be by checked in by appointment and approved by shop management

  • Vendors are expected to speak respectfully of each other and the business, no bigotry, racism, or otherwise offensive conversations will be tolerated

  • Provide a reliable email address through which we will communicate time-sensitive material. 

  • As an independent contractor, we will collect sales taxes and turn them over to you. You will be expected to file your own City and State Sales taxes and will be issued a W-9. Proof of sales tax paid for both city and state will be required to be submitted no later than April for the previous calendar year. 

  • Slander of the business or any entity involved with the business will not be tolerated 

  • Termination of membership requires one full month notice prior to the end of your lease 

  • There is no subleasing of the space 

  • Vendors agree to a 10 cent investment per each item sold to cover the cost of Earth-Friendly Packaging 

  • You are responsible for providing all elements of your display including furniture, shelving, etc and are required to remove it at the end of your contract 

  • You may share a space with ONE other vendor but one party must be designated responsible for monthly dues - in the event that dues are not collected in full BOTH vendors will be removed from the space. 

  • These terms are subject to change at any time


Vendor Encouragements

  • We encourage the creation of unique displays with vintage or rustic-inspired themes and inventive display methods 

  • Should you choose to, we encourage you to share space with another vendor. If you do this note that ONLY one of you will be held responsible for monthly rent and that all items and vendors must be approved by shop management. 

  • We hope you will actively share our posts and promote other vendors, classes, and workshops on social media or by other means, and we will also share and promote yours.

  • We strive for an inclusive and supportive community environment that benefits everyone and encourages one another to thrive 

  • We love Items that are repurposed or earth-friendly 

Available Packages 


Full Private Room

​*              *** Limited Availablility ***

  • $2450 monthly

  • One fully customizable 10x10 Room with only your items or services including available modification of wall space

  • Access to all amenities listed under Package Basics

Window Space Package 

  • $350 Monthly

  • Includes a customizable retail space in front of a window that faces the street. (Does not guarantee visibility of items from street or sidewalk) 

  • Window Table Spaces are - 4ft wide and can be as tall as 11ft protruding to a maximum of 2ft but do not allow for modifications of the wall (as we cannot drill or insert nails into the window) therefore displays must be completely free-standing.

  • Access to all amenities listed under Package Basics

Wall SpacePackage 

  • $350 Monthly

  • Includes a customizable Wall Space 3ft wide and up to 11ft tall protruding no more than 2ft

  • Allows for some modification of the wall including nails, screws, shelving, etc.

  • Vendors who choose to occupy these spaces must occupy at least some of the wall space.

  • Access to all amenities listed under Package Basics

Corner Space Package

       *** Limited Availability ***

  • $375 Monthly

  • Includes a customizable Corner Space 3ft across and up to 11ft tall.  - allows for some modification of the wall including nails, screws, shelving, etc.

  • Vendors who choose to occupy these spaces must occupy at least some of the wall space.

  • Access to all amenities listed under Package Basics

Open Space Package

       *** Limited Availability ***

  • $350 Monthly

  • Includes an open customizable 4ft accross and up to 11ft tall. No wall or window. Ideal for racks or free-standing shelves

  • Access to all amenities listed under Package Basics

       *** Limited Availability ***

  • Price varies based on size and location

  • Includes a customizable retail space. 

  • Access to all amenities listed under Package Basics

Unique Spaces



Spaces by Number 

1- Unique/Window (SOLD)

2- Wall 

3- Window 

4- Wall 

5- Unique 

6- Corner 

7- Unique/Wall 

8- Corner 

9 - Wall 

10 - Wall 

11 - Open 

12 - Unique/Wall 

13 - Wall 

14- Wall 

15 - Corner 

16 - Wall 

17 - Corner 

18 - Wall 

19- Wall 

20 - Wall 

21 - Wall (SOLD OUT)

22- Wall (SOLD OUT)

23- Corner (SOLD OUT)

24- Wall (SOLD OUT)

25- Wall (SOLD OUT)

26- Wall 

27 - Window 

28 - Wall 

29 - Window 

30 - Unique/Wall 

(Units are NOT drawn to scale)


Practitioner Info

  • Practitioners and Teachers are approved on a case by case basis 

  • Practitioners must have all proper licensing and insurances appropriate for their particular teaching or services.

  • Space is available at daily or monthly rates. Hourly class rates apply to classes and workshops. 

  • Privacy of space varies and will be discussed and determined prior to any written agreements 

  • Schedules and appointments must be taken through the shop using our booking system for convenience and ease of communications for all clients across booking platforms. 

  • You are expected to honor and keep all scheduled appointments except in case of emergency 

  • Consistent Failure to fulfill appointment obligations can lead to termination of rental agreement. 

  • Spaces will and can be used by other practitioners (unless you are renting a private space) 

  • Practitioners may not sell retail items unless they are also contracted for a retail space 


The Fine Print 

  • We reserve the right to approve all merchandise and disallow the sale of any unapproved or inappropriate merchandise

  • We deduct a 10 cent packaging fee for each item sold.  

  • Initial Membership contracts cover a period of 3 months after which you may have the option to extend your membership. Further membership contracts will be available in 6 month or year increments. 

  • If you do not plan to renew your membership one month notice is required. 

  • When you vacate the space it must be restored to its original condition including removal of all shelving, displays, and wall modifications and patching of holes and repair of incidental damage to space. 

  • We do not discriminate based on race, sexual identity, sexual preference, religion, or any other human factor 

  • Each failure to comply with vendor requirements will result in an email warning. Warnings that are not addressed promptly will become permanent strikes. After 3 permanent strikes, your membership will be terminated without reimbursement at which time your items must be removed without compensation for rent. 

  • we reserve the right to remove anyone at any time for any reason without compensation of rent. 

  • while we will take all measures to protect your merchandise we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. 

  • This list is subject to change at any time