The Plan

Phase 1

Accept Members 

March 1st will be the deadline for deposits on booth spaces. Schedule an appointment with is to choose your space.  During this time you can sign your membership contract and make payments toward the monthly dues. 

Phase 2 


Design Your Space

Submit your booth layout ideas to us, collect items to customize your display. We're looking for clean, professional displays with unique flare and inventive elements. We encourage re-used/refurbished items as displays. We love vintage looking furniture pieces. Via email submit your inventory items, pricing and initial quantities so we can register them in our inventory system. 

Phase 3


Move in Days 

Make your final payment for monthly dues. Any spaces not paid in full at this time will be opened up to waiting list vendors. Choose an initial appointment to begin designing your booth space, move in your big items, begin to set things up in the space. These times slots are available by appointment so that each vendor is not overcrowded while working. 

Phase 4 

Finalize Your Space

Schedule time to make final touches to your booth spaces. Stock inventory. 

Phase 5

Soft Open

A time to invite friends and family to see our space. There will be light refreshments and opportunities to purchase items from vendors. All covid guidelines will be followed and  there will be outdoor space to accommodate extra guests. 

Phase 6

Hard Open

We are officially open for business!