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 Pet Reiki

~All pets can benefit~

 from the relaxing and loving service of

~Reiki Treatment~


Benefits of Reiki are said to include: 

  • Ease of Chronic Pain 

  • Anxiety Relief 

  • Mood and Energy Boost 

  • Relaxation 

  • Peace

  • Improved General Well being 


What your Reiki service includes: 

  • A 45 minute Pet Reiki Session includes a 15 minute meet n greet where the practitioner sits down with your pet and “introduces themselves.” 

  • Relaxing music is played in a calming, dimly lit room with a comfortable pet bed, as your pet gets acquainted with their practitioner and their surroundings. 

  • When the session begins your pet will have settled in and the practitioner will begin a scan, placing their hands over your pet and identifying energetic problem areas. The practitioner sends energy to each area until she feels it “clear.” Her hands will either hover above, or gently touch the pet depending on how the pet is most comfortable. 

  • Sometimes pets will feel the energy shift and will walk away from the strange sensation. That’s ok because Reiki energy can be sent at any distance and the practice will continue in whatever way your pet is most comfortable. 

  • The session can last for 30 minutes or go a little longer depending on what the practitioner feels during the session. 

  • If she picks up on anything  she will give you a report including possible follow-ups and things to be aware of. 


~If you notice an improvement in your pet’s general well-being, overall mobility or happiness, you can continue Reiki sessions as much as you like. Human’s often receive them weekly or monthly as part of a self-care practice. 


Remember: Reiki is a complementary or alternative health approach and does not claim to directly cure diseases or illnesses. If you see results of improved illnesses, ailments, or diseases do not use Reiki to replace any medical plan set forth by your veterinarian. Do, however, continue to use Reiki to supplement your pet’s general well-being. 

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