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Back to Basics

Taking it back to basics.

When I first began my journey, it was easy to be connected, easy to feel like I was getting messages and guidance. It was like a constant trail of breadcrumbs I always had my nose down to follow, rarely coming up for air.

I was listening to every spiritual person I encountered, scouring their words for things I could use for more understanding, deeper understanding.

I was told I needed to "balance" that it wasn't all just about being metaphysical, but also being physical. I still waver on how I feel about this.

There are some who believe there is only "one path" to enlightenment, one proven method, and some who believe there are many paths to the same destination of discovering the true self.

So here I am, presently, I can acknowledge that we are more than our physical bodies, that there is an essence within us that will never die and will always live on as energy. But should our whole earthly lives be about connecting with and experiencing that essence in it's purity? Probably not.

I can acknowledge that there is an afterlife, perhaps many versions, and that we here on the physical plane can communicate with them, either by a natural inclination, or practicing attunement. But how important is this really in the scheme of things?

I can acknowledge that my essence can leave my body at will and travel through other energy environments, I can overcome small earthly obstacles by encountering them in the astral. I can gain prophetic insight to happenings in the world.

But I still can't stop asking questions, and I'm now at a place where I'm asking myself, what is the point of this, of all of this, if we are still stuck occupying these physical bodies in what is essentially no more than a projected experience - meant for consciousness to have a pinnacle of focus, if this is what we've collectively created, why are we so focused on getting back to our essence? Have we fucked up? Has our simulation gone awry and is this not the ideal heaven on earth we'd imagined?

It's easy to have a constant existential crisis when constantly trying to find meaning for existence itself. It's hard to answer daily questions in Tarot readings about love life, work, etc when inherently I feel in my soul that these things are ultimately not that important. But then I am reminded about mindfulness.

The sheer act of awareness and being present in the experience, and I believe part of the answer to peace lies there. Reminding myself that each moment in a physical presence is in fact a gift that may only last a short time, and one thing is certain, our physical body will die.

It's a fact that we tend to bury, push aside, and ignore, but if we truly begin to live a life where the realms are integrated, and the separation of physical and non-physical realities are blurred or even eliminated, then death isn't so scary, and we can be prepared for navigating it.

So for me, it's time to get back to basics, appreciating every moment for just what it is, being present and mindful, allowing the worlds to blend and all experiences to become one in the moment. Treating the dream reality and astral realms as just as valid a space as the physical realm, allowing for the evolution of man to include expanded consciousness and awareness of parallels realms.

Perhaps that's what it's all about.

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