Far Journeys - Robert Monroe's Second Book

Imagine a world where all resources are shared, mother earth is restored to Her original form, there are no boats, planes, or cars destroying the environment, everyone has enough food and is free to enjoy the experience of just being alive. Robert Monroe did.

In his second book, which was a very fast read for me, Robert Monroe details conversations with a group of entities he refers to as "Inspecs" (Intelligent Species.) Through these encounters, he is given a glimpse of what the future of humanity could look like in 3000 years or so if we take the "right" steps toward unlocking our spiritual potential.

This Utopia is described as a place with no cars, buildings, planes, or transportation of any sort... seemingly. In this world, humans travel using their astral or energy bodies and therefore don't require means of transportation that simultaneously destroy the planet. In this reality, Humans have learned to harness their innate ability to create instead of destroy, and they can enjoy the earth and all of its boundless beauty at their leisure. There is no fighting over resources because resources are limitless. There is no fear of death because it is known that there is no true death; the energy body lives on.