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Far Journeys - Robert Monroe's Second Book

Imagine a world where all resources are shared, mother earth is restored to Her original form, there are no boats, planes, or cars destroying the environment, everyone has enough food and is free to enjoy the experience of just being alive. Robert Monroe did.

In his second book, which was a very fast read for me, Robert Monroe details conversations with a group of entities he refers to as "Inspecs" (Intelligent Species.) Through these encounters, he is given a glimpse of what the future of humanity could look like in 3000 years or so if we take the "right" steps toward unlocking our spiritual potential.

This Utopia is described as a place with no cars, buildings, planes, or transportation of any sort... seemingly. In this world, humans travel using their astral or energy bodies and therefore don't require means of transportation that simultaneously destroy the planet. In this reality, Humans have learned to harness their innate ability to create instead of destroy, and they can enjoy the earth and all of its boundless beauty at their leisure. There is no fighting over resources because resources are limitless. There is no fear of death because it is known that there is no true death; the energy body lives on.

In this possible scenario, we are lacking the one thing that is the root cause of many of our human problems: the survival instinct. The survival instinct has such an influence on almost every waking moment of our lives, though we've come to take many of them for granted. Consider the food chain all the way to the tiniest organism. The Earth inherently has a system of checks and balances, some must die so that others may survive, and much of survival is for that reason, predatory in nature. It's no wonder humans have embodied this trait so gloriously. We fancy ourselves the apex predator, but our souls are seeking more.

Our bodies, on the other hand, are high-maintenance vehicles that require just the right amount of everything in order to keep existing in this physical environment. They need to be warm, but not too hot, and also not too cold. They need to consume sustenance, but not too much or it causes internal problems such as clogging up organs and putting too much pressure on our joints. We need sleep! We need our hearts to keep pumping blood to the rest of our system and organs. We need to reproduce or else our kind be snuffed out. The same internal drive to procreate that animals have governs more of our lives than many of us probably care to admit. Yet we are at a juncture in human evolution where many of us feel we should be "beyond" these things. Still, the survival instinct at its core will rule our human flesh until we achieve the next level of consciousness and "rise above." Our bodies must be properly tended to, or our human experience will cease, and most of us, having not mastered reincarnation, fear death. We fear the loss of our body, we fear that we may stop existing entirely, and those of us who know better may fear where we'll wind up after we die.

But what about a world where we know better? A world where we choose when to exist physically and when to exists in our energy bodies. How would we get to that point?

Sometimes I feel like it starts with a bit of a Buddhist perspective, releasing the need for attachment, especially to physical things. How will we emotionally cope with the loss of a body, something we feel we possess, if we can't part with our grandmother's handkerchief? This begs the question, was our body really ever ours? Is it something that belongs to me, or is it simply borrowed from the Earth as a vehicle of experience?

I've noticed a sort of movement lately, an interest in living more simply. It started with tiny houses, sustainable living, and things like zero waste living. Now it has evolved into the desire to grow our own food, learn how to make our own things; it almost feels as though we're preparing for an apocalypse. It almost feels as though the Earth might have a hand in forcing this change toward a less abusive relationship with it. This gives me hope that our internal communication with the Earth still exists within many of us, and it's likely that much of humanity spends their days ignoring it. Perhaps they're distracted by the endless grind of office production, phones, or consuming the next latest and greatest "product" that we've been convinced we need. The unfortunate matter is, we face the same issues as our predecessors who pushed for peace and harmony with the Earth. We are met by those in "power" with mockery, and threats, and being peaceful doesn't lend itself well to self-defense against the hand of those who would choose violence and greed. Living sustainably has been labeled weak. It seems these ideas are motivated by those who would suffer to see their extravagant lifestyles threatened. They can't be bothered to imagine a world where we all had what we needed to survive. Just the simple fact that planting fruit trees instead of grass in front yards is frowned upon fuels the idea that ornamental societal norms are have been deemed more important to most than abundant sustenance. Therein lies the obvious, yet seemingly insurmountable, issue that those of us who feel this connection to nature, and are inherently peaceful, will always have our lifeforce threatened by those who wish to perpetuate these exorbitant patterns of environmental use and abuse.

It seems the further answer lies in eliminating our fear of death, our fear of not having "enough." If everyone on the planet truly knew that death wasn't final, wouldn't trivial things seem a lot less meaningful? All of our daily input wouldn't seem quite so pressing. A day or two without food wouldn't throw us into a panic because we know ultimately everything is fine.

What if we also consciously recognized that sleep wasn't just some form to be ignored, but an alternate way for us to exist? How many of us could access the sleep realms and astral realms to seek guidance and solve internal crises?

All of these things considered, the reality of what we're up against as a species can feel a bit daunting. It's easy to slip into a pattern of wallowing in the existential dread, followed by a little hope, and then back into the dread.

Today I choose to remind myself that I have a large hand in crafting my own reality. Sometimes I think mediumship could change all of that. If it were a known fact that life continues beyond death, would more and more people realize how trivial it is to take so much when we need so little? Change for humanity will most assuredly not occur if we give up and bury our heads in the sand. As spiritual warriors we must continue on, head held high, proudly proclaiming our truths in the face of mockery. We must continually remind ourselves not to fall subject to the trap of capitalism, financial gratification, and destruction of the Earth we are so blessed to borrow. We must play the game of the system we were born into just well enough to survive another day. Today and the days moving forward I choose peace, I choose kindness, I choose self-love. I choose to boldly speak my truth to all who wish to listen, and honestly sometimes people surprise me in the best of ways. I will continue to make small decisions that move us toward a more harmonic future with our planet, so that one day, maybe Robert Monroe's vision will become a reality, and we can all enjoy the perks of being alive, without the pains of struggling to exist.


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