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Magick in Every Day Life

When I first got into "magick" I was afraid. I didn't know why but as I researched more I realized it was because it wasn't just silly folklore, there was something to it. Come to find out modern day practitioners of magick still follow ancient energetic pathways set forth by those before us, and that's why they work. There's so much happening energetically that we can't see, if you know a microwave works and that gravity is real, even though you can't see the forces behind them, then you should have no problems accepting that magick is real.

There are a million different types of magick and every single person has the ability to access it and use it for good. You just have to believe. Very Disney, I know, but haven't you stopped to think that those ideas have come from somewhere? The same mystical themes resurface in media throughout the decades and why? Because on a deeper level we relate to them, we remember them, and we want to call them back to us. I'm still uncovering and coming to terms with the many events in human history which made us loose touch with our magic, and hide it away. Now the world is slowly waking up, because we need "magick" and the love that powers it. We need to remove

the obstacles of fear, and the stigma of it being scary or wrong. Magick is everyone, it's you, me, the beginning, the end, the universe, the stars, the past, present and future. Magick is for you.


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