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The Heal Q&A with Gregg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza and Kelly Gores

Healing is one of those things in the Metaphysical genre that even as a Reiki Master I still can't fully wrap my head around. That's why I was especially intrigued by this talk with Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Kelly Gores.

I saw the chat advertised on Instagram and decided to tune in. Apparently there is a new Documentary out on Netflix called "Heal." According to their chat it documents real life healing miracles and talks about embracing the idea of metaphysical healing.

Of course with any current chat the topic of the global shutdown must be addressed. I haven't even begun to articulate how I truly feel about this whole Pandemic because it's such a multifaceted and touchy subject. Even now I'm afraid that if I type what I'm really feeling someone will take it the wrong way but here goes.

I have been saying for a while now that Mother Nature is going to smack us upside the head. She's been patient with us for a LONG time and it's become clear especially in recent months that the people in power in our world had no intentions of taking the measures necessary to BEGIN to restore Earth. The global awakening movement is no joke, and it's happening for a reason, and those of us finally hearing the call can understand clearly the importance of taking better care of this vessel that we borrow for our development. We've strayed so far from our connection with the Earth that it's actually pretty unbelievable. So for some of us who are actually staying home and using this time to better ourselves, to improve the state of our bodies, and our homes, the purpose of the "Great Pause" has become very clear. I must state that I most certainly do not wish harm to anyone, I am not reveling in the suffering or deaths of anyone affected by this Pandemic and I empathize with the deep pain many are experiencing. I am however noticing that there are many opportunities here for spiritual growth. There's something calming about not having money in the bank but also knowing most of the WORLD is in the same boat. It feels uniting, to know that the thing we bestowed with so much value is thankfully not more important than human lives. Though there are some still who would argue otherwise. It is clear to me that they are not listening.

Gregg Braden mentions the use of chemical crutches. Of course he is not anti-vaccine or anti-medication, but he believes the crutches should be used as just that. Utilized only while we need them. His belief is that when we are aligned with our best selves, we control the condition of our bodies. Reiki has a similar thought process that our "ailments" are manifested by us in order to teach us something about ourselves, or to help us progress by overcoming it. But that theory has always been a hard pill for me to swallow. How is it possible that every sickness is just an illusion. Well, if you believe that everything here in the physical world is an illusion set forth to allow us to spiritually progress then it makes sense. So what if we really can rewire our bodies? Meditation practices already tell us that we can rewrite the circuitry of our brains. We can teach ourselves to think differently.

It made me think about anti-depressants in general, and the amount of people who rely on medication just to get them by. But is the real illness what society has done to make us feel we need medications to stabilize our moods? Could it be that we are working in an unnatural way, under unnatural lights, for extreme hours while feeding our bodies processed foods? We've come so far from natural living yet we expect to feel "fine" all the time. But society has re-written us to think we need to abuse ourselves living this 9-5 and many of us never thought to question it, or even that we could. This pause is not only showing us that we don't need many of those things we were conditioned to believe we needed, but also that a lot of us are much happier living simply, with proper rest and homemade food. If you are someone who uses antidepressants, by all means use them! Use them to get to a place where you can rewrite your story. Perhaps they will act as a crutch long enough for us to ask ourselves what causes our sadness and depression, and if it is possible for us to control any of these circumstances. Given that we are all limitless beings connected to the group consciousness, I believe we can!

My therapist has mentioned that many of her patients with anxiety are greatly improving during this time. Without the constant thought of "What could go wrong" or the stresses of every day life at work they're feeling more empowered. So even though people have no money and no jobs, they are improving themselves and their homes and circumstances each day.

Joe Dispenza talks about constantly living in survival mode with daily stress and how it isn't good for your body. He mentions that the imagery you create in your mind creates the environment for your body. We know it's true that stress lowers your immune system. Could it be we have more control over our bodies than we are currently lead to believe?

Gregg says we are being conditioned to believe we are weak and powerless and that we need gadgets and objects to enhance our humanness. Most of this technology that exists is just an extension of what our body already does. He believes our bodies will heal themselves, if we trust them.

I think about the internet a lot, and then I think about how easy it is for me to receive messages from people's loved ones. Words, images, feelings, all downloaded directly into my brain. I believe all humans are capable of this and that we've only forgotten. What would happen if we as a species could connect with one another again in the real world, without the wires and radio waves. Don't you often think of social media as a gift and a curse? How lovely we can "stay in touch" with those we don't see often, but have we forgotten to listen to our souls and our bodies telling us what we really need? Faces stuffed into screens all day receiving mindless "updates" and retaining very little of it. I scrolled on Facebook for 5 minutes today and I can recall almost nothing of what I read. Is this true connection or has it become a distraction and in some cases an addiction?

Joe talks about the "unlearning" process. When you experience a spiritual awakening you often begin to see all the things you've been doing to yourself just because everyone else is doing it. So now not only do we need to learn, we need to unlearn things that aren't good for us. For example I'm now more conscious of what waste I make, and what food I consume. He says for people who want to create change they should start by gaining understanding. Understanding of how their body, brain and heart work and begin to understand the intelligence of our vehicle (that's the body we borrow from Earth talked about here.) "Your personality creates your personal reality." Personality being made up of what we think, what we feel, and how we act. All that makes up your life, if you want to change your life you have to change yourself. Continuing to do the same thing every day will only create the same results. Your pattern of thinking will eventually rewire your body to expect these things through conditioning. Whether they be traits you find desirable or not. Your body will expect stress, frustration, and sickness. Or you can train it to expect happiness, or whatever it is you desire.

The first step to change is becoming conscious. Boy what a doozy. Joe claims most people don't like doing this and would rather distract themselves with technology, or call a friend to complain. "This is lighting a match in a dark place." he says "The word meditation means to become familiar with."

He's so right, it is hard. It's hard to face ourselves, and it's work to uncover the things I don't like about myself. There have been many nights I knew I should meditate but because I anticipated the feelings it would bring up, and it would mean I had to take action and change something to be the person I wanted to be, I chose to distract myself. I spent those nights staring at my phone. Please note I am not saying we all need to be yogis in constant meditation, free of technology and distractions. Although if that brings you joy, by all means! I do think we should allow ourselves balance, that's all part of the human experience, we get to enjoy ALL the things. We should give ourselves a break from spiritual work when we need it. That's why we're using physical bodies as instruments for our progression. I know sometimes we can be tough on ourselves, but we should always forgive ourselves for our "progress" because at every moment we are exactly where we need to be.

Is it really true that our mindset determines the well-being of our bodies and that we can heal any ailment just by re-writing our beliefs? I certainly want to know, so I'm off to watch the "Heal" documentary.


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