Therapy - Removing the Stigma of Mental Health

It's okay to ask for help. It's actually the mature/intelligent thing to do, but for years now people in "therapy" have been referred to in a derogatory a tone. It's used as a joke in television shows and media, creating a stigma surrounding those who are willing to seek professional help for their personal struggles. Why do we have to throw around phrases like "they need therapy" or make snide remarks about someone seeing their therapist. It's possible in our blossoming society we might be making strides where in many cases this is untrue, but for a lot of us, that stigma is still there. Seeing a therapist does not mean you have insurmountable mental health issues, seeing a therapist means you recognize something in your life that you would like to be different and are willing to analyze what YOU can do to change it.

I have seen my therapist on and off for years. During an incredibly scary time in my life she guided me through removing myself safely from an abusive relationship. I thought I was a strong person, you know, one of those people who would "never stand for" being abused. But it happens slowly, it creeps in disguised as love and brokenness. Through trauma you become entwined and you start to believe a story that is not your own. I honestly don't believe I even would've left without her guidance and in that I may owe her my life. It was an absolute turning point which took me years to truly recover from, but through the eyes of a therapist I was able to see past the pain to my true potential. It was like lifting off layers of myself until I remembered who I was underneath.