Be Authentic - The Struggle to Allow Yourself to BE

Before I gathered the courage to start posting my thoughts and feelings online for potentially the entire world to see I had to battle a few internal struggles. Something strange happened to me when I began to "wake up" to the my new vision of expanded reality. Knowing that I was so much more than myself had a few unpredictable effects. Initially it completely empowered me because I knew I was so much more than a mere human. The physical world felt like an illusion. I could connect with any spirit, feeling, entity across space and time. I could view and go anywhere in the world (and beyond) via astral projection, I could literally fly and walk through walls. I could speak to the dead and recall memories for folks here on earth so they could have comfort in knowing their loved ones still exist. I could will things into existence, predict the future through dreams and introspection, listen to spirit guides and my higher self and convey advice for others.

It didn't take long for the "illusion" of the physical world to feel like a trap. I began to pull away from my physical self. How could any of it have meaning when there is so much more to do and explore. How can the usual comforts of TV, living room, and phone possibly compare to traversing the cosmos in a limitless energy body? The truth is that it can't and it's still a struggle with from time to time. Finding "balance" has been something I've been advised to do by friends and colleagues -other empaths who have followed a similar path. I met that advice with resistance and I still take it cautiously as I am the type of being who must explore scenarios for herself. (Even now as I type this my fiance is trying to talk to me about fixing the fence, something I cannot find an ounce of care for with my mind in the clouds.)

I continued to feel "trapped" in my physical body - constrained to limits and slowed personal progression, and for what? I started to question the value of myself. On such a grand scale why do I, one of nearly eight